International Financial Companies

An Introduction to the International Financial Company – Republic of Georgia

Peace_bridge_GeorgiaWe are very pleased to introduce you to a new service available called the “International Financial Company” (hereinafter the IFC). The IFC is a company formed under the laws of the Republic of Georgia, and offers the ability to create tax free companies to execute virtually all manner of financial services to offshore clients.

The Georgian legislation authorizing the certification of an IFC which provides a unique opportunity to serve offshore companies in the most efficient and least costly way. The most appealing thing is the income of an IFC is tax exempt.

Corporate income tax exemptions are broad and comprehensive:

  • Profits received from financial services provided by an IFC.
  • Profits from sale of securities issued by an IFC.
  • Dividends paid by an IFC are also exempt.

An IFC can pursue a wide range of financial activities:

  • Wealth management services.
  • Investment and asset management services.
  • Financial intermediation.
  • Reinsurance and Financial Risk Management services.
  • Other similar activities.

The IFC is a revolutionary concept in the financial services industry. By establishing a fully certified, licensed, and authorized International Financial Company you will benefit from an enormous range of possible financial institutional services.

In addition to establishing your International Financial Company, we can also provide you with a wide of management services including day to day office administrative services, virtual office services, ongoing financial management, due diligence services, assistance for immigration, corporate relocation, etc.

Our services are affordable and will depend upon how extensive your needs may be. The first step in the process is to perform a feasibility study, and obtain a legal opinion from a licensed Georgian attorney familiar with these issues. The cost for the feasibility study will be $5,000 USD and will be non-refundable. If the feasibility study comes back positive we can proceed with the IFC setup. Our fees begin at $60,000 USD but may go higher depending upon the nature of the business activity and the licensing required to proceed.

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