Personal Bank Account with PayPal

One of the better and simple solutions available for non-residents in the Republic of Georgia is a personal bank account linked to a Georgian PayPal account. The combination is very useful.

First, we open a bank account for the non-resident without the client having to be present. The bank will have all the perks you expect: online banking, visa debit cards, etc.

Then we assist the client by creating a Georgian Paypal account, and linking it to the Georgian bank account. Unlike the USA a Georgian PayPal account is very easy to verify, requires no personal identification data, and once verified the client can withdraw $2,500.00 PER DAY from the PayPal account to the Georgian bank account. Then the client can either draw the funds from an ATM, use the visa card to buy goods, or use the online banking to arrange other types of transfers.

Some other options to consider: extremely generous certificate of deposit rates. Georgian banks pay very high rates of interest for short term certificate of deposits. You can arrange to have USD certificates that pay surprisingly high rates and Georgian Lari certificates that are in the two digit range. Contact us for further information on terms and rates available as theses change from time to time.

For further information contact us at ‘’ or download the order form: FAA_GA_PERSONAL