Citizenship & Residency

The Republic of Georgia offers many opportunities for foreigners to live in the country and prosper.

  • Georgia is one of the last free market bastions on the planet, and it is filled with business opportunities for the enterprising business person.
  • Georgia is open and welcoming to foreigners both culturally and legally with open immigration laws.
  • Cost of living is low, but the quality of life is high.
  • Labor and raw material costs are low.
  • Georgia is advantageously located at the ancient crossroads of trade, and is becoming a modern crossroads of trade attracting investment from around the world connecting East and West, and North and South.
  • The government is stable and is always looking for ways to promote business in Georgia.
  • Georgia is a beautiful country with a rich and varied landscape; warm coastline on the Black Sea, Alpine Mountains in North, rich farmlands to East, and gentle hills to the South.

Georgia truly is a land of opportunity for people who want to find it even if sadly some of the locals often do not see the opportunity themselves. I believe this is because the Georgians have lived for 80 years under a socialist dictatorship followed by a period of political unrest. They see the prosperity of the West as some sort of magic that will never come to Georgia. But the prosperity of the West is not magic but the result of years of commitment to freedom, a commitment that the Georgians share, but often do not always understand. Remember, this is a new country. A young country. A country filled with opportunity.