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Republic of Georgia Ranked #3 in Economic Freedom

Not bad for a little country in the Caucus that hardly anyone knows about.  Number 1 was Hong Kong, and number 2 was Lichtenstein.

What is even more impressive is the pace of improvement taking place in Georgia. In 2015 Georgia was ranked #22; no shabby accomplishment in and of itself.

What is missing from the report is livability. I am sure Hong Kong and Lichtenstein are very nice places, but they are also very expensive places. There are also barriers to entry. Georgia is not just an economically free country, it is an open country that welcomes everyone, and is very livable with a low cost of living while providing a high caliber of public services.

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American investor explains why it’s smart to invest in Georgia

“Georgia is an interesting market for investors,” says a leading American investor.

Gabriel Schulze, founder and CEO of Schulze Global Investments – a private investment firm focused on the world’s most dynamic growth markets – spoke about Georgia’s investment potential at the Tbilisi Silk Road Forum yesterday.

Schulze was one of many international businessmen and investors who participated in the panel about Georgia’s business environment.

“Not only in this region but in the entire world too, Georgia is the fastest developing country that has huge hydro potential,” he said, adding his firm had allocated $100 million USD (about 236 million GEL) to build small Hydro Power Plants in the country.

He added Georgia was “the best place” for those who wanted to reach the European market too.

“If you want to reach Europe, you can start your business here in Georgia and then very easily get to the European market through Georgia,” he said.

The investor noted Georgia had easy procedures, good taxing regulations and available manpower – everything an investor needed to start a business.

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